August 10, 2021

Protecting the Next Generation: Insuring Semen and Semen Tanks

Breeding and calving are a necessary part of farm life for a dairy or a ranch. In fact, the success of the farm can depend heavily on selecting the right sires for cows and heifers.

  • Without a good breeding strategy, a dairy may not be able to meet its milk quota and the herd could experience disease or difficult calving.
  • On a ranch, ensuring the best quality finished product is essential. Farmers select sires to ensure specific carcass size, fat content, marbling, and even brand name meat (such as Certified Angus Beef®).

Many farmers choose to breed via artificial insemination which means purchasing and storing semen. So, after purchasing, farmers may consider insuring semen and semen tanks as part of their overall risk management plan. Alone, the loss of a single semen tank could be easily paid for; however, when considering the impact of a large loss on the farm, insuring semen and semen tanks can minimize the financial impact of that loss.

Claim Example

A large fire erupts in a dairy farm building, burning it to the ground. Used primarily as a workshop and storage space, this building contained various tools, a tractor, and a small office. The office contained the paper record lineage of the herd and stored three semen tanks for breeding. A claims adjuster confirms coverage in the farm insurance policy and proceeds to assess and settle the claim.

$100,000 Farm building
$50,000 Mobile farm machinery
$10,000 Semen and semen tanks
$10,000 Tools
$7,500 Valuable papers and records
$10,000 subtract deductible
$167,500 total settlement for the claim

Adding the FarmPROTECT™ Enhancement Endorsement to your farm policy with Mutual Fire Insurance includes coverage for semen and semen tanks, farm contents, mobile farm machinery, valuable papers and more. Connect with an insurance broker to learn more about coverage and limits!

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