Family Home Mutual Insurance

Members, not shareholders, own Mutual Fire Insurance. Our priority is people, not profits, which means when you are part of a mutual insurance company, you become part of a community.


We are a dual structured mutual insurance company meaning you choose to become a member and part of the community of a growing business. When you become a member, you enjoy all of our MemberPROTECT™ benefits:

  • Free homeowners equipment breakdown coverage for qualifying homes
  • Free homeowners service line coverage for qualifying homes
  • Receive a premium refund (after the first full year of membership), if so declared by the Board of Directors.
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting and any Special Meetings.
  • Receive voting rights on resolutions that affect the company.
  • Nominate or accept a nomination to become a Director on the Board.


Want to have a real say at your mutual insurance company? It’s ownership that makes a difference.


I have paid $15.00 for my membership fee, but what happens if I have more than one policy?

Your premium refund is based on the total combined earned premiums of all your Mutual Fire Insurance policies for that year. In the event more than one company is providing your insurance and the policy is issued by Mutual Fire Insurance, the refund will be based on the Mutual Fire Insurance portion.

How do you calculate the amount of premium refund returned to a member?

Each member’s proportionate share (%) of the total amount of member premiums, will equate to their proportionate share (%) of the premium refund pool.

How long do I have to be a member to qualify for a refund?

The member must have a premium note (your membership fee) in place for one year prior to the fiscal year-end to be eligible for a refund. The membership must be continuous and must have been in effect on the last day of the fiscal year.

I am a member, how do I become a Director on the Mutual Fire Insurance Board?

A fellow member must put forward a nomination for you to be a Director. The nomination is considered and voted on at the AGM.

Am I eligible to be a Director on the Board regardless of the province I live in?

Yes, if you are currently a member and can meet the duties and requirements required of a Director on the Board you are eligible.