We want you to be completely satisfied with your insurance purchase and claim settlement. If you have concerns about your policy, your claim, or our service, we want to hear from you.

Step 1: Contact Your Broker

Your Broker works for you – not the insurance company. The first step in resolving your complaint is to contact your Insurance Broker. Your Broker can:

  • Speak to Mutual Fire Insurance on your behalf to obtain a solution which is mutually acceptable to both parties
  • Help you contact the company representative who can best resolve your complaint
  • Request a management review

Step 2: Contact Mutual Fire Insurance’s Ombudsperson Liaison Officer

If you are still not satisfied after review by management, you may choose to contact our Ombudsperson. Our Ombudsperson is responsible for overseeing the complaint handling process and ensuring that your complaint is addressed. This representative can inform you of the different options available to you, conduct a fresh review of your circumstances and provide alternate perspectives to all parties, with the goal of achieving a resolution.

To help our Ombudsperson serve you better, we request that formal complaints be made in writing. Please include:

  • Your name full name and address
  • Your policy number
  • A phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours
  • The nature of your concern
  • The result of your discussions thus far
  •  Your recommended or proposed solution

You can contact our Ombudsperson at:

The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia
9366 200A Street
Langley, BC V1M 4B3
Attention: Ombudsperson Liaison Officer

The Ombudsperson Liaison Officer is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the complaint handling process
  • Ensuring your complaint is addressed
  • Ensuring that you receive a letter outlining Mutual Fire Insurance’s final position if your complaint cannot be resolved
  • Working with the external agency to address complaints that could not be resolved by Mutual Fire Insurance

The Ombudsperson Liaison Officer cannot:

  • Enter the investigation, negotiation or settlement of an insurance claim
  • Inquire into matters that are being, will be, or have been dealt with by a court or a dispute resolution process

Step 3: External Agencies

If we are unable to resolve the matter to a satisfactory resolution, the Ombudsperson Liaison Officer will send you a letter outlining Mutual Fire Insurance’s final position.

After completing Steps 1 and 2, if you wish to pursue the matter further, you may contact either General Insurance OmbudService (GIO) or Mutual Insurance Company’s Ombudsman (MICO). These companies help resolve disputes between insurance companies and their customers, for home, farm, and business insurance issues in Canada. The independent dispute resolution service will determine if your issue falls within their mandate.

Our Ombudsperson will work with GIO or MICO and all applicable provincial and federal regulators in order to resolve the issue as effectively as possible. GIO or MICO may make non-binding recommendations to resolve your dispute.

British Columbia and Alberta residents contact:
General Insurance OmbudService (GIO)
4711 Yonge Street
10th Floor
Toronto, ON M2N 6K8
Toll Free: 877.225.0446

Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario residents contact:
Mutual Insurance Companies OmbudService
311, McArthur Avenue, Suite 205
Ottawa, ON K1L 6P1
Toll Free: 866.231.2602