The Innovative Solution for Farmers of Tomorrow

Mutual FarmPROTECT

Mutual Fire Insurance has proudly protected Canadian farmers since 1902. From dairies to poultry growers to mixed farming operations, our policyholders have unique facilities with different farm insurance needs based on their region. The next generation of Canadian farmers are connected, innovative, and environmentally conscious: FarmPROTECT™ is designed for the future of farming.

Of course, speed of service and an insurance product that covers the property and liabilities you require is top of mind. FarmPROTECT™ highlights what conditions you must meet for coverage and offers new definitions for clarity. The wordings have been written for an ease of understanding which removes potential confusion in the event of a loss.

barn poultry chicken farm insuranceFarmers store harvested farm produce, house mobile equipment, protect livestock from the elements and so much more. Accordingly, farm buildings are necessary for operating the farm efficiently. You can choose from four different coverage options with FarmPROTECT™ to get the right coverage for your needs.

tools farm insurance barn contentsChoose from four different coverage types to protect your farm contents: Basic Perils, Limited Perils, Extended Perils, and Comprehensive. Typical farm property like spare parts, furniture, fixtures, tack, and tools can be covered.

chicken poultry livestock farm insuranceNo matter what type of farm operation you run, we can help protect your business with  our farm insurance endorsements.

– Accounts Receivable
– All Terrain and Utility Vehicles
– Automatic Fire Suppression System Recharge Expense
– Beekeepers
– Brands and Labels
– Consequential Loss
– Extra Expense
– FarmPROTECT Crime
– Farm Contents
– Farm Livestock
– Fencing, Corrals, and Paddocks
– Fire Department Charges
– Fodder, Silage, and Threshed Grain
– Fuel and Fuel Tank
– Harvested Farm Produce
– Milk Spoilage and Contamination
– Mobile Farm Machinery
– Mobile Farm Machinery – Loss of Use
– Professional Fees
– Semen and Semen Tanks
– Signs, Private Power, and Light Poles
– Standing Grain
– Tack
– Tools
– Valuable Papers and Records
– Veterinarian Supplies
– Windbreak Trees

farm insurance grain tractor harvestFarmers are exposed to many liability risks due to their operations, acreage, and employees. FarmPROTECT™ helps farmers find the right amount of protection for their operations. Additionally, policyholders can choose to add Limited Commercial Liability to consolidate specific operations within one liability policy.

dairy milk cow equipment farm insuranceMutual Fire Insurance has decades of experience providing coverage for farms such as:
– Poultry
– Dairy
– Grain
– Ranches
– Fruit and Vegetable
– Orchards
– Mixed Farming Operations