Overland Water

Protect Your Home With Water Coverage

Weather patterns have changed in recent years, with increased precipitation, fast and heavy spring thaws, and damage from storms—freshwater flooding is occurring everywhere across the country.

Mutual Fire Insurance now offers protection for overland water and flood in addition to sewer back-up coverage. Qualifying policyholders can enhance a home insurance policy and protect against damage from torrential rainfall, spring thaw, and other freshwater flooding.

Coverage Highlights

Sewer Back-up provides coverage for sewer back-up

Overland Water offers coverage for flood, overland water, and sewer back-up

Both coverages include:

  • a special extension for emergency evacuation in the event a civil authority orders an evacuation
  • additional expenses to prevent or mitigate further damage (such as a water pump) if a loss occurs


What is Overland Water?

Overland water is generally described as rapidly accumulating fresh water from a rainfall or snowmelt.

What is sewer back-up?

Sewer back-up is water or sewage overflowing into your home from your sewer, septic system or sump pit.

Are there any exclusions?

Yes, some perils are not covered such as saltwater, waves or tsunamis, seepage, back-up from any public sewer, and ground water.

Do I qualify for Overland Water coverage?

Your insurance broker can tell you if your home qualifies for Overland Water coverage. At this time, coverage is only offered to homeowners in British Columbia in select postal codes