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Hobby FarmPROTECT™


Our Claims Commitment to You

Embracing change to protect you is the vision Mutual Fire Insurance stands behind. As a mutual company we look to support our policyholders and partners with great products and service.

Innovative Solutions

Protect your agricultural operation with Mutual Fire Insurance’s innovative farm insurance coverage. Farm and hobby farm owners can experience an insurance product like no other. Wordings written in clear, easy to understand language and customization perfectly to your needs.



As a mutual insurance company, we see things just a little differently than our competition. We embrace our customers’ way of life and take pride in providing peace-of-mind solutions in the communities where we work. We are a dual structured mutual meaning you can choose to become a member and take advantage of our MemberPROTECT® benefits.

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Connect with a Broker

MFI partners with insurance brokers to make our insurance products available for you. Their knowledge and expertise will help you find the right insurance coverage for your needs! With over 800 offices in cities and towns from British Columbia to Ontario, you’re sure to find a broker near you.

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