October 1, 2017

Introducing New Membership Benefits

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Mutual Fire Insurance Celebrates its 115th Year of Business

Hobby Farm Family

Our history begins with 44 farmers and business owners in the Fraser Valley region. Determined to create a local insurance company, MFI became the first mutual insurance company with its main office in the province and today, we provide solutions for farm, commercial, and home insurance needs from British Columbia to Ontario.

Navigating the economic ups and downs of the last century, MFI persisted to grow into a stable and profitable dual-structured mutual company. Our structure allows you to become a member and enjoy special perks!

Introducing MemberPROTECT™

On October 1, we introduced our enhanced membership program, MemberPROTECT™, with two new benefits for qualifying homes:

All members still enjoy the following benefits:

  • Receive a premium refund (after the first full year of membership), if so declared by the Board of Directors
  • Attend our annual general meetings and any special meetings
  • Vote on resolutions that affect the company
  • Nominate or accept a nomination to become a Board Director

Our success is due to the strong relationships we have with our broker partners. We cater to the needs of our broker family across the country and support them with innovative products. Our company is flexible and we take pride in helping our clients by providing peace of mind solutions.

Contact a broker today and ask about insuring with Mutual Fire Insurance.

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